Self-Driving Finance

Personetics Self-Driving Finance provides a novel way to simplify the process of financial decision-making – using AI to guide consumers and businesses safely and effortlessly towards their financial management goals.

About Personetics

This platform provides the ability for financial institutions to deploy predictive insights, advice and algorithmic-based fund management capabilities through an unlimited number of end user channels. This solution framework also includes the tools needed to deploy, maintain and enhance the solutions for end users.

Increase Financial Awareness

Simplify Everyday Banking

Increase Digital Engagement

Impacting Bank KPI's

1 %
Increase digital engagement
1 %
Elevate customer satisfaction
1 %
Grow deposits and share of wallet

Main Features

Self-driving finance

Guide your customers through their financial journey with personalized insights, advice, and automated money management.

A new way to serve and engage business customers

Personetics Self-Driving Finance™ delivers a new level of engagement and insight, transforming your bank into the 
financial partner of choice for your business customers.‍


Business customer engagement with contextually-relevant insights


Products and services that anticipate and meet the needs of each business such as real-time line of credit or loan


Customer adoption from day one – no data entry or setup needed


Adapt to user preferences while retaining the ultimate control


Time-to-market with pre-packaged financial services knowledge

The Engagement Builder
enables banks to: