RawStone's new-generation mobile statement system provides superior user experience, account analysis and online transaction services. It is able to support different channels (e.g. email, SMS and LINE, etc.) to push-notify billing links and elevate the billing click through rate. Through data analysis, we can promote personalized content and marketing plans for targeted customers, together augmenting opportunities for cross-selling and up-selling financial products.


Provide trial calculation and application of online installment payment, plus online payment and QR code generation for customer to pay at convenience stores.

Process raw data generated by the mainframe through the Data Converter engine, and convert it into valuable individual billing information.

The production of mobile bills and e-bills PDF can be supported concurrently through the same data source.

The management platform allows employees to transfer files, review sample bills, release current bills, and launch/discontinue advertising content.

Main Features


The innovative mobile billing front desk provides customers with superior user experience, account analysis and online transaction services.


Support goals such as ESG sustainable management, energy conservation and carbon reduction. Carbon emissions of personal consumption is reviewed monthly.


E-bills are sent at high speed, and the actual measurement at the ground end can reach at least 10,000 bills sent per hour.


The event-driven micro-service architecture is adopted. Each service can be rapidly expanded according to the amount of data processed, such as file transfer and delivery, to ensure that the performance is maintained at a set level.


Using Java open architecture, it is easy to maintain and expand the system.