RawStone assists financial institutes by providing fast, efficient and compliant digital onboarding journeys upon customer's application for financial products. According to the applicant's identity and type of account to open, corresponding processes will be dynamically generated and a number of identification methods in compliance with regulations by RawStone will be in place to allow identity authentication.


Provide digital account opening for different bank customers (adults, minors, foreigners and enterprises) and digital application procedures for various financial products.

Provide bank customers with one-stop account opening and application for financial services, which greatly reduces the time for customers to repeatedly fill in information thus bettering user experience.

Provide securities industry customers who can open separate or all-in-one securities accounts. Moreover, they can open different securities accounts in a single step, which ranges from digital application procedures for securities, futures, sub-brokerage, to wealth management, etc.

Main Features


Integrate omni-channels (online, over-the-counter and on-site opening) to promote a fully digitalized account opening process for different channels.


Provide a standard and compliant process framework that can be adopted by financial institutes to accelerate the timetable for the launch of financial services.


RWD web application development, which can meet the use of various devices of customers.