Bank Data Management Helper

Rawstone helps provide financial institutions client communication platforms by combining years of financial services expertise and innovative technological capabilities.

Products & Services

  • Assist banks to manage transactions through bank statements
  • Introduce Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to improve finance services
  • Reduce costs
  • Strengthen accurate successful customer marketing plan
  • Improve customer communication satisfaction
  • Provide financial institution innovation consulting services
  • Assist financial institutions in integrating different industries
  • Provide digital financial system development services
  • Provide excellent financial technology development talents
  • Import RawStone Communicating Platform
  • In-depth research on financial innovation business
  • Taiwan Financial Research Institute opens bank training courses
  • Taipei Institute of Finance offers training courses
  • Provide training services for new employees in the financial industry

Why Rawstone?

Product Module

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Smart Statement Communication


1. Smooth Design
2. Integrated with LINE
3. Bonus Point Management
4. Online Installment

5. Integrated barcode payment
6. Online Payment
7. E-Commerce



1. Online Mobile Credential
2. Online Mobile Loan Application
3. Real Estate Online Valuation
4. Online Loan Credential

5. Automatic Credit Rating Agency
6. Automatic Telecom Score
7. Financial Mechanism
8. Automatic Security System



1. Automatic Credit Card Identification
2. Business card and ID card identification
3. Video Service Module
4. Chat-robot Module



1. Automatic Advertising Management
2. Personalized Banking Service
3. Intelligent Marketing Analysis
4. Intelligent Customer Response

5. Automatic Marketing Process Management
6. Automatic Customer’s Problem Management
7. Automatic Review System
8. Automatic Subscription Notice